Year Country Customer Subject to delivery
2017IranDi Ploymer Arian Companymethanol plant primary reformer convection bank flue gas ducts, header boxes and steel structure
2017SlovakiaChempex-HTEradiant coils of distillation fired heater B101.101 for Slovnaft Bratislava refinery
2017GermanyChempex-HTEoil regeneration heater 2D-400 for refinery PURAGLOBE, GER (incl. refractory and assembly)
2016SlovakiaChempex-HTEeffluent chambers and pigtails of the heater BA102.301 for Slovnaft Bratislava
2016ItalyOil & Gasheavy steel structures and offshore platforms for GE
2015RussiaChempex-HTEcombined Feed Heater 208-10-H001 for Antipinsky oil refinery
2015RussiaChempex-HTEstripper Reboiler Heater 208-10-H002 for Antipinsky oil refinery
2015RussiaChempex-HTEnaphtha Splitter Reboiler Heater 208-10-H003 for Antipinsky oil refinery
2015RussiaChempex-HTEstabilizer Reboiler Heater 208-20-H002 for Antipinsky oil refinery
2015UzbekistanMaxam-Chirchiq JSSsteam turbine K 4,3-4,8 rotor package
2015RussiaChempex-HTEsteam preheater 12 H-163 of sulphur acid plant for Ryazan refinery
2015BelarusChempex-HTEcylindrical fractional column feed heater P-351N for Mozyr oil refinery
2015RussiaChempex-HTEhydrogen steam reformer effluent chamber OH-2001 for Ryazan refinery
2014IranPardis Perochemicalmanifold 28m + line between superheaters DN 508x65 mm for Urea&Ammonia project, Iran
2014UzbekistanMaxam-Chirchiq JSSsteam turbine K 4,3-4,8 spare parts
2014ItalyOil & Gas heavy steel structures, platforms - Kazakhstan
2014GermanySARIA/SIFDDA 2 pcs of Hydrolisers with agitator and heating jacket, weight 33 tons each
2014Czech RepublicMPS Gradiorvessels for Perm, Russia
2014BelarusOAO Naftanspare spiral coil for reformer heater No. 4
2014Czech RepublicMoravia Apex4 pcs of preheaters + ducts
2014IraqProkop Engineering9 vessels + 2 heat exchangers for Dukan rafinery
2014RussiaChempex-HTEspare parts for radiant coil - inlet/outled manifolds for Ryazan Rafinery
2013Czech RepublicMPS Gradior3 pcs of vessels
2013Czech RepublicTEDOMheat exchanger shells
2013BelarusOAO Naftanspare spiral coil for reformer heater No. 5
2012Czech RepublicInvest Corp.autoclave for automotive, DN 2200 mm
2012Czech RepublicČEZ Energoservis3 pcs of SS vessels
2012IraqChempex-HTE/Prokop Eng.heater H-01, Basrah refinery
2012BelorussiaChempexheater P150N, reboiler for column K150N for Mozyr oil refinery
2012China, Tianjin Moravia Apexair combustion preheater duct (100 tons)
2011GermanyBASFstainless steel mixing vessel DN 2600 with half pipe heating spiral tube
2011GermanyJapandouble-tube stainless steel vessels, D 2000 mm
2011IraqChempex-HTE/UNISconvection heater, Basrah refinery
2011RussiaMagnezitmagnesite plant furnace
2011RussiaChempex-HTE/TANEKO3 pcs vacuum heaters, Nizhnekamsk refinery
2011SyriaChempex-HTE/Bertramscylindrical furnace
2011Czech RepublicMoravia - Apex flue gas ducting
2011Czech RepublicBlanestalow pressure boiler
2011Czech RepublicPBSeconomizers – Kutná Hora power plant
2010Czech RepublicAlstomoutlet air piping, power plant Ledvice
2010GermanyChempex-HTE/Bertramsasphalt reheating furnace, Hamburg
2010SlovakiaPBS economizers, boiler drum, Žarovnica
2010RussiaChempex-HTE/Lurgiheater F-501, Astrakhan
2010RussiaJohn Zink, KEUgas incinerator, Chabarovsk
2010Czech RepublicENERGO-PROMVE SEČ-hydraulic power plant water supply conduit reconstruction, production of piping DN 2000, total length 861 m
2009RussiaChempex-HTE/UNISheating furnaces for topping, Usinsk
2009Czech RepublicPBS tubular air pre-heaters (incineration plant)
2009RussiaAO KuibyshevAzotsteam/gas mixture superheater of the steam reformer furnace of the ammonia production plant, capacity 1 360 t/day
2009Czech RepublicALSTOMheader and shell for the exchanger steam chamber
2008RussiaChempex-HTE/UNISheating furnaces for topping, Usinsk
2008UkraineChempex-HTEfurnaces 222-H1, 222-H2 and combustion air ducts, Nadvornaja
2008Netherlands Benelux Apex heat exchangers
2008Czech RepublicMoravia - Apex heating vessels
2008PolandChempex-HTEprocess fired heater, coke plant Przyjazn
2008RussiaMetaprocesslower collectors of the steam reformer furnace of the methanol production plant
2005-2009GermanyWolfgas-fired hot water boilers, output 450 – 5 000 kW
2007SyriaBertramsacid gas incinerator (brennkammer), STROY2
2007IranChempex-HTE/Bertrams40KT/Y asphaltic anhydride plant, Esfahan
2007GermanyChempex-HTE/BertramsHD Unifiner, gas oil desulphurization, BA-6430 furnace, 5,32 MW, refinery BP, Gelsenkirchen
2006ItalyFoster Wheelerfurnace body, stacks, flue-gas ducting, combustion chamber for 400MW CCPP, Teverola
2006RussiaAlstom Power steelwork for HRSG unit, Moscow
2006IraqChempex-HTEshaft heater, drum heaters for Basrah Rafinery
2006RussiaAO KuibyshevAzotmanifold of the steam reformer furnace of the ammonia production plant, capacity 1 360 t/day
2006Czech RepublicBCS Engineeringpressure vessels
2006FinlandMoravia - Apex furnace chamber
2006Austria Schoeller Bleckmannfurnace tube bundle
2006SlovakiaNuclear Power Plant Mochovceexpander
2006RussiaChepmex-HTE/Koch Glitschoil distillation unit - P1furnace, 13,2 MW for LCC Mariysky Refinery
2005BelarusKoch GlitschE08 steam preheater
2005Austria Voestalpine, Linzlarge-size pipes for air and flue gas piping
2005SlovakiaNuclear Power Plant Mochovcedrying equipment
2005PolandProchem SA - F.W.F.preheat furnace by wax hydrofining unit refinery, Poland
2004AlgeriaPB – Kellogsteelwork for technology part by Amenas gas project, Algeria
2004Czech RepublicČeská rafinérskágasoline splitter fire heater, refinery Kralupy
2004Saudi ArabiaHeurtey 5 pcs of charge heaters by Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia
2004ItalyTechnip – KTIfurnace F 201
2004RussiaŠkoda JSheater by Sosnogorsk
2003ItalyFoster Wheeler, Italyfurnace body, stacks, flue-gas ducting, combustion chamber 400 MW CCPP by Voghera Energia Italy
2000-2003UzbekistanPO AZOT Ferganafinal completion of the nitric acid production plant with a capacity of 360 ths. tons per year and of the ammonium nitrate plant with a capacity of 450 ths. tons per year
2002Iran Snamprogetti – Italyconstruction of prefabricated casing and steel structure for 2 reformer heaters for Methanol Bandar Imam, Iran
2001VenezuelaFoster Wheeler, USAconstruction steel works for 2 cocker heater by Ameriven S. José Venezuela
2001TrinidadAmec Birwelco, UK constructionstart-up fired heater for Ammonia Plant, Trinidad
1999TurkmenistanTNPZ, Turkmenbashi 2 cylindrical furnaces with a capacity of 1,5 mil. tons of oil/year
1999TurkmenistanTNPZ, Turkmenbashi 5 heat exchangers, 3 coolers, 8 spare tube bundles, installation and commissioning works on the L-35-11/300 unit – gasoline production plant
1998TurkmenistanTNPZ, Turkmenbashi reconstruction of the L35-11/300 catalytic reformer unit
1998VenezuelaKvarner Heurtey / Snaprogetti construction of prefabricated casing and steel structure for 2 pcs of reformer heaters (Topsoe design) for Jose in Venezuela
1998GermanyABB Lummus Heat Transfer B.V. supply and site erection of 2 pcs cylindrical heaters for DEA - Mineraloel, Vesserling, Germany
1997RussiaAO KuibyshevAzotsteam turbine PCPL 1000 spare parts
1997RussiaAKRON Novgorod spare parts for repair works of the steam reformer furnace
1996UkraineAO AZOT Cherkassy E 202 high-pressure condenser of the urea production unit, with a weight of 80 t
1996TurkmenistanTNPZ, Turkmenbashi coil of the catalytic reformer furnace 131 t, 30 sections of the CH101 air cooling system 130 t
1995TurkmenistanTNPZ, Turkmenbashi 2 oil processing columns for heat cracking, 132 t
1994RussiaRPO Minudobrenija, Rossoshset of spare parts for the BNG (gas preheater unit) reconstruction
1993UkraineAO AZOT Cherkassy outlet manifolds of the steam reformer furnaces
1993UkraineAO DniproAZOT, Dneprodzerzinsk set of reaction sections for reconstruction of the steam reformer of the ammonia plant, capacity of 1 360 t/day
1993RussiaAO KuibyshevAzot2 urea synthesis reactors, vol. 39 m3, length 22,8 m
1993UkraineAK Stirol, Gorlovka set of 36 reaction sections for reconstruction of the steam reformer of the ammonia plant, capacity of 1 360 t/day
1991UkraineAK Stirol, Gorlovka 2 reaction sections of the steam reformer furnace, with a capacity of 1 360 t/day
1991RussiaAO TogliattiAzotreaction tubes for reconstruction of the ammonia plant, capacity of 1 000 t/day

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