Capital equipment

MBNS – International, Ltd., a long-standing provider of these services in the market, offers a complete engineering, construction and supply of individual devices, as well as repairs, reconstruction and modernisation of:

  • catalytic reforming units
  • steam reforming units for the ammonia production
  • units for the hydrogen production
  • devices for the urea production
  • crude oil processing units
  • tubular furnaces
  • production equipment for the food-processing industry
  • pyrolytic furnaces for the production of ethylene
  • tubular systems for the chemical and petrochemical industry
  • exchangers, coolers, vaporizers, vessels, extractors, etc.
  • technological and building steel constructions, etc.
  • pumps for chemical plants
  • armatures for chemical plants
  • all complementary equipment according to the customer‘s requirements

The extent of our services depends on the requirements and resources of our customers: it ranges from the techno-economic studies to the „turnkey” realization of the capital equipment. We can ensure offer activities, projection, supplies and engineering.

As far as the financingisconcerned,ourcompanyisreadytocome up with the best way of funding the projects by preferential credits backed by the corresponding security of customer’s deferred payments enabled through the cooperation with several Czech and foreign renowned banks and EGAP (Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation).

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